Every candidate for admission needs to be introduced in person to the Principal by one who will be responsible, for the child.

Only those who have completed 4 years are eligible for admission into the Lower Kindergarten.

Application for Admission is to be made in the prescribed form which can be obtained, at the time of admission only.

Admission to other classes, only if there is a vacant seat. Students from other schools will be tested before they are admitted to their respective classes.

It is essential that a photocopy of the original Birth Certificate, CPR, and Passport be submitted at the time of admission.

Students coming from other schools cannot be admitted without the Leaving Certificate, which must be countersigned by the Inspecting Authority of that State.

Applications for the withdrawals are to be made in the prescribed form given in the School Diary and submitted to the Principal at least a fortnight prior to their leaving.

Leaving Certificates will be issued only after all dues to the school have been paid and library books etc. are returned.


Fees are payable in three installments in the first week of the term for all classes:-

Recommendations to Parents & Guardians

Parents and Guardians are requested to co-operate with school authorities in maintaining regularity and discipline, by seeing that their wards prepare their lessons and by taking an active part in whatever the school does for their all round development.

Students are always expected to wear correct, neat and clean uniform. Personal cleanliness, hygiene and neatness is expected at all times. Hair must be neatly trimmed / pinned / plaited and combed. Nails must be kept clean and short.
Thrice a year, Parent – Teacher meeting will be held.

Parents, Guardians or other persons are NOT allowed to speak to the students or interview their teachers during class hours without the written permission of the Principal. Appointments may be made beforehand for an interview during a teacher's free period, with the approval of the Principal.

The school diary is to be brought to school everyday. Parents are hereby informed that occasional reports from the teachers are written in the School Diary, which should be signed as a proof that they have been read. Failure to do so may put their children to great inconvenience.

School Uniform

Girls: Royal Blue Tunic [below knee level], without slit and belt, Zip at the back, pocket inside seam and white shirt.

Boys: Navy Blue Trousers [Long], White Shirts, Black Belt

All students must wear black leather shoes and plain white socks without any lace.

Only Navy Blue Cardigans / Wind Sheeters / Jackets without any design and colour are allowed for both boys and girls. Students should not wear coloured vests under their school and sports shirts. Only white vests are allowed.

• Girls/Boys
• Costume jewellery, wrist bands, make up, nail polish should not be worn for School. Nails are to be kept short. Highlighting / Bleaching Hair/ using Gel are not allowed.
• Hair should be neatly tied with blue/black band. A pair of stud ear rings only is allowed. (GIRLS)
• Boys – should keep short hair and use no Gel.

Sports Uniform

Sports Uniform for both Boys and Girls consist the following:

Full White trousers ( long ) for boys and
not permitted. Tight, transparent trousers will not be allowed.

Sports shirts and Sports caps according to "house colour ."

Full white socks upto the knees. .

Full white sports shoes ( football & basketball shoes must be
carried separately on Sports Day only).
In winter boys and girls may wear a full white track pant and girls
may wear full white “high stockings”.


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